Marilou Gelinas

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Marilou boasts an impressive track record: currently in her third year pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Athletic Therapy at Concordia University, she has amassed two years of experience as a personal trainer, fortified by a level 2 training at Nautilus Plus. But her expertise doesn't stop there: Marilou has also proven herself in clinical settings and on the field, while also having significant experience in futsal coaching.

Marilou has a remarkable record that attests to her dedication and passion for sports. She was crowned Quebec Futsal Champion in 2018 in the cadet category and is a proud member of the PLFQ, the first futsal league in Quebec. In 2023, she founded the Nautilus Plus Running Club in Laval, confirming her ongoing commitment to fitness. Beyond the fields, Marilou also holds a scuba diving certification.

During her college career, Marilou excelled as a Flag Football player, and before that, as a soccer player. She embodies the "Hybrid athlete" mentality, incorporating multiple sports disciplines into her training, always eager to take on new athletic challenges. Trail running is among her passions, as is traveling, highlighted by a memorable year-long expatriation to Senegal in 2010. In her free time, her passion for sports never wanes: be it tennis, golf, soccer, flag football, or others, Marilou enthusiastically embraces nearly all sports disciplines.